Friday, March 11, 2011

Burt Reynolds Has Competition...

I’m always so grateful when my sweet hubby offers to do a grocery store run. Especially if I only need a couple of items…or the occasion that I’m missing a key ingredient and I’m elbow deep in dinner preparations.

I can always bank on one thing when he returns…he usually snags an item not on the list that he simply can’t resist. Sometimes it’s ice cream or cookies. Occasionally it’s Captain Crunch.

This time, B came home, handed me the grocery items and announced, “You will never believe what I got for Ethan!” He’s right. I didn’t believe it until he whipped them out of his pocket…a couple of faux mustaches from the little quarter trinket machine.  Oh if facial hair wasn't obsessed over enough by the Jackson men, now we were giving the little Mr. a taste of the life of 5 o'clock shadows and crumb catchers.  First, The little Mr. went with the Burt Reynolds:

He savored the power that came with the stache. 
After stroking the stache a few times and letting out a manly growl,
he decided he was ready for a change...

Next up, Hulk Hogan.  He gave me a few WWF poses circa 1982 and embraced his new found strength...even going so far as to do a few body slams for good measure.
For the record he has no idea who Hulk Hogan is, but in his words, "He's so donimated!"

  So, for the last couple of days, he's been sporting the stache and struting around the house.  He told me, "Mommy, if you were a grown-up mans, you could have one too...but you're not."  Then he strutted off, stroking the stache mumbling to himself about being a man.  Oh, the power and possibilities that come with a little upper-lip-fuzz.


danielle @ take heart said...

hahaha so stinkin' cute!!

Emily said...

oh this made me smile!! So cute!