Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thrifted Thursday...'s been a while since I've done a Thrifted Thursday post.  I haven't been thrifting as much, and really haven't found anything worth claiming...until a couple of weeks ago.

B and I were driving through a neighborhood close to downtown when we spotted a mid-century modern dresser sitting along the side of the road with a 'FREE' sign on it.  We are suckers for modern furniture, so we did a loop around the neighborhood so we could get a better look.  It was actually really cool and had a lot of, we crammed her into the back of the suv.  And I'm not even ashamed about it!

Suffice it to say, she needs a lot of love.  But, we looked her over and she's actually in fairly good condition.  The drawers glide really well, and everything is sturdy.  We love that the drawers are flush, with a slight indentation along the top which means there is no need for hardware or drawer pulls.  It's really funny to us that three of the drawer fronts don't match, so we'll definitely be remedying that.

We love the look of tapered or peg legs...but, as you can see, it is missing two legs, so we'll have to replace all four. There is also a long scratch on the top...

The inside of one of the drawers was stamped with a 'Kroehler Furniture' logo.  Anyone know anything about Kroehler?  

I Googled it, but didn't really find anything that would lead us to believe that this piece of furniture is worth anything.

We are no strangers to restoration, so we have big plans to make her beautiful:

  • We plan to repair the scratches and lightly sand the outside shell, then we will paint it white.
  • B will remove all of the drawer fronts and replace them with stained walnut so they all match.  We think the walnut will contrast nicely with the white.
  • Replace all of the legs with either new tapered legs or stainless steel.  I'm voting for tapered wood, B wants stainless steel.  What do you all think?

Once she is beautified, she will reside in our little one's bedroom, replacing this Ikea Malm dresser:
MALM 6-drawer dresser, white stained oak
                            Width: 63 " Depth: 18 7/8 " Height: 30 3/4 "  Width: 160 cm Depth: 48 cm Height: 78 cm
We are really excited to get started on this project and hope to update you all with the finished project soon!

Do you have anything that was previously a diamond in the rough, but after a little work was turned into an awesome gem?


Mamasita said...

ok... your vision is A-mazing!!!! Please post pictures of the process and finished product! K?

Nicole @ one half world said...

I definitely think the white/walnut combo will look great on this dresser...good idea! And, sorry Brent, but I have to vote for "tapered wood" for the legs! :)