Monday, October 3, 2011

We'll Take The Fries--With A Side Of Fries...

Was it a beautiful weekend where you are?  It sure was here in the Midwest!  So gorgeous! 

B's parents came up to spend the weekend and watch the kiddos so B and I could attend a, it's nice to have family to watch kiddos!  All of our family live out of state, so we totally take advantage are thrilled when they offer to watch our little ones for us.  If any of you have family in town who are able to watch your wee ones while you go out...well, then I'm jealous and you're lucky! 

We didn't just make B's parents watch the grandkids...we took them to the zoo, not our house...the real zoo.

Anyway, we attended an outdoor wedding at a lovely old mansion here in Des Moines. The wedding was beautiful, and it was so nice to have B all to myself!  He's an architect and for the past three months, he's had crazy deadlines and worked long hours (60+) so it was nice to not have to share him.  We really needed that time alone to reconnect. 

After the wedding, we looked each other up and down and decided to play hookey from the reception, and went on a date to a local french restaurant instead.

We got right in and found a quiet little corner table.  Now, I've admitted on this little old blog many times that I am a food snob.  I readily admit that I turn up my nose at chain restaurants and prefer locally owned secrets.  I's bad.  Can we still be friends? 

Anyway, I was feeling at home in my snobiness (snobishness?) at this little french place, and got a little too proud of myself as we ordered our appetizers:  Poutine (a dish of french fries covered in a red wine reduction gravy with cheese curds), and the Duck frites. 

Now, I did not read the full description of the Duck Frites, nor did I ask our server about them.  I assumed the dish was sauted duck or strips of sauted duck hence the 'frites'.  After our server left, B was like, "What are Duck frites? Are they fries?" and I was all, "'s duck, duh."  Now with what little french I remember from college, 'pomme frites' are what we know as french fries, so I assumed 'Duck frites' would be duck meat. 

When our appetizers arrived, the server set down the Poutine...and then set down a plate with a large mound of french fries.  I was like, "Oh...we didn't order fries."  and the server was like, "These are the duck frites you ordered."  I was all, "Where's the duck?"  she was like, "They are french fries fried in duck fat."  Oh.  As she left she laughed and said, "I just assumed you two really liked fries."  Um.  Thanks.

So, we laughed at how ridiculious we looked with our large plate of fries...with a side of fries. I certainly wasn't laughing later when my stomach was screaming all night at me.  Gravy fries, and fries fried in duck fat are not a good combo.  I don't want to see or smell another french fry for a very long time.  And honestly...after those choices, I think I've lost my status as a food snob.  Just reading those  food descriptions after typing them makes me nauseous...gravy fries?

Moral of the story:

A)  Read the full description on a menu and ask your server.

B)  Don't be a self-proclaimed food snob...


Laurie J said...

hilarious. at least you were in good company! i suppose we can still be friends even though i'm a food chain kinda gal (ahem. and a packers fan!) :)

Mamasita said...

Just discovered your blog! LOVE IT - 'nough said! :-) So excited to have found you!!!
Head on over to my blog if you get a chance! Can't wait to catch up on yours...
Happy Wednesday new Friend :-)

Josh and Nicole said...

This story cracks me up, Nikki. Lesson learned, I suppose! :) Where do you guys go for French food?

haverlee said...

Django, I'm assuming? That's hilarious! Kind of like when people get to choose two sides and somebody picks mashed potatoes and french fries ;)