Monday, October 24, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend...

This weekend B and I packed up our kiddos, arranged a Stella-sitter and headed down to Missouri (that's MIZZ-OOR-EE...not MIZZ-ER-UH, or MISERY) to visit our families.  

First, we headed to my side, who happen to live on a little over 65 acres just north of Kansas City.  My parents moved our family to the country after spending most of my years in the city.  I guess you could say that I'm a country-girl with city roots.  Thankfully I can walk with my feet in both worlds and feel comfortable.  

However, it was a shock to my system when I woke early on the first morning at the farm and suddenly remembered that my parent's small town doesn't have a Starbucks...and after a 20 minute drive (and much to my displeasure) neither does the neighboring town.  I settled on Folgers.

It was so gorgeous this weekend, so we spent plenty of time outdoors doing farm feeding the goats, llamas, chickens and petting a new baby calf.  There is a certain attire for doing these leggings and knee-high boots aren't it.  If you can imagine, animals process their food quickly...and well...there's a lot of poop.  Improper attire aside, it was so wonderful to be out on the farm again.  

The little miss loves animals, so she had a blast being a farm girl for a day.  The little miss happens to love rocks as much as she loves animals, but unfortunately she had a hard time discerning the difference between a rock and dried poop.  She pocketed a few poop pebbles before I realized her error.  *Sigh* City girls.

My youngest sister and adorable nephew joined us later, and we had a bonfire out in the pasture...among the goats.  One thing about my family is that we are competitive, and no one chickens out of a dare.  Things started innocent...challenging the little Mr. to run to the fence and back.  Then from there it was to run and touch a goat.  And after that to run and catch a goat.  But, then someone threw out, "I'll bet your mom can't run out there and catch a goat...and kiss it."  It was on.  So, not one to back down...I ran in my knee-high boots and leggings and chased down a goat.  Which turned into goat-diving as those suckers are fast and I did a nice face plant before actually nabbing one of the beasts.  Thankfully there are no pictures as proof, so did it really happen?  If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear the sound, did it make a noise?

After the farm, we headed down to KC to spend time with B's family.  We raked some leaves as a family...

Uncle K.K. put down his guitar for a day...
Caleb Jackson

And grabbed a wheelbarrow full of leaves and kids...

Later, Nana J. did a popcorn craft with the kiddos...more popcorn may have ended up in little tums than in the actual craft...

It was a crazy-busy weekend, and two of us Jackson's brought home colds as souvenirs, but we loved seeing the fam, and I'm sure Stella loved having the house to herself other than visits from the neighbors.  She almost seemed a little disappointed when we arrived back home, "Seriously?  You people came back...and brought the loud-short, humans with you?"

Happy Monday friends!

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Mamasita said...

ok... love the pictures from your weekend!
foldgers coffee. been there. done that. makes me grateful for Starbucks!!!!!!
your leggings and boots are the cutest thing EVER and love the goat chasing story! you go girl!
happy tuesday!