Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifted Thursday...A Promised DIY

Two weeks ago I blogged about this blazer promising a tutorial on how I tailored it to better fit my body.  Well, I've never considered myself a particularly prompt person, but better late than never right?

Brief history: bought the blazer at a thrift store last year ($4!), but it hit me about six inches below my hips, which I wasn't crazy about.  I'm 5'4, so it really wasn't doing me any favors at that length. Unfortunately, for the last year it has been sitting in my closet.  

I really hated to have the blazer just sitting there, but I couldn't part with it either.  I decided that it would have to be tailored...and preferably by me to save some dollars.   

 I found some photos on Pinterest, which renewed my hope that I could make the blazer work for me with a bit of tweaking:


Using a blazer I already owned that was a length I liked, I turned my navy blazer inside out, and laid the 'pattern' blazer on top:   

Using the top blazer as a template, I pinned the bottom blazer to the length I wanted.  I did not make any cuts, so I could be sure everything was right where I wanted it before making any permanent decisions.  

Next, I sewed the new hemline right along the line of pins, removing the pins as I went along (I wish I had taken a picture of this, but I'm not one who can work and photograph at the same time...ya know?).  

I'm not going to took me twice before I got the hemline right, which made me happy I hadn't made any cuts yet.  I just simply used my seam ripper to remove the stitches and then started again.    

After I got the hemline where I wanted it, I trimmed off the excess fabric and ironed everything down so it laid nice and flat.
I did not need to take in the sides or sleeves as the blazer fit great in those areas, but had I needed to, I would have followed the same guideline: 
1)sew the new seams first
2) use a seam ripper to remove the old seams
3)cut off the excess fabric.  
4) Iron down new seams to lie flat

It's probably not the way a true seamstress would do it, but it made it more error proof for me.

Here is the before and after:

Blazer: thrifted/DIY
Brown Boots:  thrifted Plato's closet    

I am so happy with the way this project turned out, and now I wear the blazer all the time!  It's probably my favorite and most versatile clothing item!  

Happy Thursday!


Mamasita said...

g-e-n-i-u-s :)
i love the look of a blazer ... especially with boots! looks casual, cozy and fabulous!
way to rock it girl!
hope you had a fantastic week .. we got a little bit of snow here! whooop!
later gator,

Laurie J said...

wow. you've got skills my friend!

Nicole @ one half world said...

Looks great, Nikki! That saved you a lot of money on tailoring too! Great job.