Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dude, Get On That Already...

So I've been feeling challenged to wrap up a few projects around the home front and blog front.  Do you guys read Young House Love?  I love reading their blog!  They are funny and punny and seriously get stuff done!  They've given themselves a "Dude, Get On That Already!" challenge to finish up some projects that have been set aside for too long. After reading their commitment to get stuff done, I've started to feel the fire being lit under me.

We have a lot of projects we'd like to accomplish around our house before May, so B and I are feeling the pressure to get er' done.  But, one project I've put off forever is simply organizing my blog.  Every week I do a Meatless Monday and Thrifted Thursday post.  The problem?  Well, those posts were just floating around on my blog.  If I, or anyone else, wanted to look up a specific recipe it was a huge pain to find the old posts.  Not fun.  So, I finally bit the bullet and added some nice little tabs up top to get things nice and organized and clean-up my blog!  Now, you can click on 'Meatless Mondays' and find all the recipes in one convenient spot!  Yay!  I have yet to organize the Thrifted Thursday posts, but that's next friends!  I'm sure I will continue tweaking things, and things may get worse before getting better...but hang in there with me okay?

Poor B.  I have a list of 24 'to-do's' (and counting) to get done around our place. But, I've committed to helping him knock it out.  Our house was built in 1916, so with age comes lots of up keep just to keep things looking fresh (and fixed).  I just know once we get started it will be refreshing to simply cross it off our list and put it behind us.  So, here's our Dude (and Dudette) Get On That!  List:

1)    build/Install Kitchen closet door
2)    re-attach Gutter (it fell off last week during a big gust of wind)
3)    build Kid's bunk-bed
4)    buy bunkbed from IKEA because we didn't build them
5)    re-finish dresser
6)    run new electrical in kitchen
7)    finish lower cabinets
8)    install backsplash
9)    new countertops
10)  install microwave above stove
11)  under cabinet lighting
11)  paint living room
12)  paint master bedroom
13)  install bathroom closet door
14)  paint garage
15)  clean up landscaping
16)  plant garden
17)  clean/organize basement
18)  paint basement walls
19)  install exhaust fan in bathroom
20)  new bathroom sinks
21)  resign to the fact that new bathroom sinks aren't happening
22)  new kitchen sink
23)  caulk bathroom doors
24)  install new kitchen window
25)  paint trim in bedrooms

Now that you've seen our huge list, I'm feeling accountable to getting it done!  Do any of you have a to-do list that just needs to get knocked out?  Does Spring have you saying 'Dude Get On That Already?!'

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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh my gosh, I have SO MANY things that need to get DONE. (Including some blog organizing of my own!) I think I'm going to put them off just a bit longer by visiting Young House Love. I've been there before but lately, I swear, people are talking about it everywhere I turn!