Friday, August 5, 2011

Could You Translate That Please...

I pride myself in the ability to understand my two-year-old daughter...for the most part.  While I can understand most of her requests and volume-defying high-pitched declarations, there is the occasional time that I simply have to throw my hands in the air and ask her to 'mime' for me what she wants.  It it weren't for the fact that the little Mr. speaks 'Eva-nese' fluently, our day would look like a never-ending game of charades.

Take yesterday for example, the little miss came up to me and babbled something frantically...and heck-if-I-knew what she wanted.  We tried back and forth for about five minutes, and all I could make out was 'Elmo'.  I would ask, "Do you want your Elmo?"  She would shake her head no.  "Do you want your Elmo potty seat?"  Again, no.  "Do you want your Elmo backpack?"  Nope.  Finally she threw up her hands and walked away.  Suddenly, without breaking concentration from building Lego towers, the little mr. piped up, "She wants to sit on the couch with a blanket and snack and watch Elmo." I looked at the little miss and she screamed, "YES!"  Seriously?  You got that sentence from "a;lkjnaf;aorebhga;na;eorugb;a;aldnv;r!!!"

Today, she pulled me over to the refrigerator and began pointing and yelling, "Pots!  Pots!  Pots!"  What the heck?  There are no pots in the refrigerator.  So, I opened the door and of course she continued to point and yell, "Pots!"  Eventually, Ethan to the rescue.  He calmly walked over in his, 
manner and said, "She wants applesauce," then he moved past me, grabbed a yogurt and walked away.  She looked at him with a thankful grin and exclaimed, "Yes!" 
And I stood there, scratching my head, wondering what I just missed.

Often I hear the two of them playing together, and Eva will say, ";anf;;asdroing;akjertb;airgb." And Ethan will give a little chuckle and say, "I know, I like it too!"  Huh?

So, what is it about siblings and their simple ability to discern communication?  I's baffling...and endearing at the same time.  Sometimes they fight like crazy, and I'm pulling out my hair, and other times there seems to be an impenetrable bond that adults are not privy to.  They understand one another and the plights of childhood that I seem to have forgotten.

Whatever the case may be,  it is clear that, unlike the little mr.,  I have yet to crack the Eva-nese code.  
I do hope he continues to provide his translation services free of charge.


Sarah said...

HA!! I am right there with you! Grace is the little translator around here. I am so thankful for her to let me know what Hannah wants, needs or demands!

You have written this perfectly... are you spying on us at our house to get these examples? :)

Heather said...

too funny! :)

Erica said...

New follower. Love this post. So sweet.

Tamara said...

Tooo funny...
At least someone is there to translate.

danielle @ take heart said...

too funny, friend!

Lovely Little Nest said...

aw that is too cute!

p.s. i love your blog layout! did you design it yourself?