Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let Them Come To Me...

I, I ADORE hearing my kiddos pray.  They are two and five, and there are two things that come to mind when they pray, A) they pray for the funniest things, and B) they pray earnestly.  I mean like eyes squeezed tight, hands clasped, loud, earnest prayers.

This montage has nothing to do with the topic at hand...these pics just crack me up.

My sweet miss usually prays for the same thing every night.  It goes something like this, "Desus, tee-coo for Vee-va's teef, and tee-coo for bubby's teef.  Tee-coo for Elmo.  Tee-coo for my bed and pee-low, and food. A-meeeeen.

Now, I'm not sure why she prays a prayer of thankfulness for her teeth and her brother's teeth, but the girl is very thankful for them, as she usually shouts that part out.  

The little Mr. has gained some sophistication in his five short years, and his prayers go a little like this, "La-wrd, thank you for my house and my bed and food.  And La-wrd thank you for Jesus and dying on the cross.  La-wrd thank you for my mommy and daddy, And dear La-wrd, thank you for Stella and for all we have.  And Heavenly Fodder, I'm sorry for pushing Eva today when she took my Legos.  In Jesus name, Amen.

His prayers usually sound a little like a southern minister as he repeats 'Lord' with a slight southern draw.  I love it.

B and I often find ourselves bowing our heads low as they pray to cover the smirks on our faces when prayers get particularly specific.  But, really, I'm so grateful to hear such honest fervent prayers.  They are praying what's on their hearts...they are talking to God, whom they know without a doubt, hears their prayers and cares about what they are laying before Him.  They believe their Heavenly Father pays attention to the small details in their lives.  Their prayers to Him are so conversational, recounting the details of their day, and the ways they are grateful for how He provides.

It's no wonder why God wants us to have hearts like little children. It's no wonder why He gathers them up to Himself.

In Matthew 19, after a long day of preaching, parents were bringing their children to Jesus, and the disciples began shooing them away saying Jesus didn't have time for these wee ones.  But, Jesus heard this commotion and chastised the disciples saying, "let them come to me."  Jesus gathered these little ones up and blessed them.  And then he said something profound, "the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  I'm sure the disciples were stunned to hear that.  I mean, these were just kids.  But, these little children were flocking to Jesus.  They knew who this man was, and they longed to be near Him.

I look at my own children and see how easily they trust God at His word.  If I ask them who God is they reply, "He's Jesus!  He's big and Mighty."  If I ask them what He made, they reply, "Everything!"  If I ask them what He can do they say, "Anything!"  If I ask them who God loves, they reply with great big smiles, "Me!"

That is faith like a child.  Trusting God at His word.  Believing He is who He says He is.  Believing He can do all things.  Knowing He gives us all that we have and giving Him the glory He deserves.  

I want faith like that.


Corey said...

Love it! I don't know where we've gone wrong, but my girls (5 and 3) think prayer is "boring" and just want me to do it for them...

Nikki said...

Corey, I don't know if you will check back here, but sometimes my kids choose not to pray as well. We started out asking each of them to pray for two things. And then from there they started praying more.

Mamasita said...

I love how innocent, loving and non-judgemental children are!!! Their hearts are so pure and sweet! LOVE IT!
Hope you are having a splendid week so far my dear!

Emily said...

There is nothing like the purity of a child's prayer! Such a great post my dear!!!

Laurie J said...

love listening to the kiddos' prayers.....LOVE. I love the southern drawl of 'Lord'. lol